Watching the second episode of the series SENSE8 (if you did not see it, watch it), a scene caught the eye. The characters Nomi and Amanita walked through a place impregnated with street art.

As curiosity has accompanied us from the cradle, we went behind that place and discovered an alley, in the city of San Francisco (California), called the Clarion Alley.

Originally called “Cedar Lane,” the name of the alley was changed, in the turn of the 2000s, to Clarion Alley. The street is notable for the frequent artistic activities – carried out by the community – and for the collective that bears the same name of the place. This collective makes a kind of “management” of what will roll through the walls of the street. That is why, from time to time, you can see new works there.

Check it out!

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If you want to see more about this street art alley, look for the #ClarionAlley hashtag on Instagram.