New York City’s cultural mecca is Harlem. There isn’t another place in the city where you can hit up more than one Jimmy Jazz, purchase bootleg soul and R&B mixtape CDs, and get lessons on supreme mathematics from Five Percenters at the Allah School in Mecca all on the same avenue. Walk along 116th Street and listen to how the language switches from the French Creole of West Africa to a cacophany of Spanish dialects as you head east into Spanish Harlem. Pass by all of the double parked cars every Sunday morning, and you’ll hear the joyful singing of church choirs. Originally, Harlem was one of the main hub’s for music in New York City and recently Harlem has become a checkpoint for sneaker-heads with the opening of stores and cofees which further validates this stylish neighborhood’s cred as a standout in the concrete jungle.

Weight 1.23 oz
Dimensions 49 x 19 x 135 mm
Fit (S, M, L):






  • We have a deep obsession and passion for the world of glasses, this is translated into the quality and perfectionism of our design and products.
  • Our glasses and lenses are made from multiple materials, be sure that we know precisely every detail of what we choose. Acetates, metals, injections, titanium: a quality and multicultural selection in each collection.
  • Our products comply with the requirements of the main international standards: US (ANSI Z80.3), European Union (EN ISO12312) Brazil (ABNT NBR ISO 12312-1) and Australia (AS/NZS 1067).
  • We use a high technology testing lab to prove the resistance and quality of all our products.
  • We offer lenses of various materials and options: Polycarbonate, CR39, nylon, polarized, mirrored, solid, flash, gradient.
  • The Solar Lenses of Absurda glasses offer 100% protection against harmful UV rays (Ultraviolet UVA and UVB).
  • Absurda DNA: Authenticity, Identity and Innovation. Small and numerous collections, so that everyone feels unique.
  • #Madearoundtheworld: We care much more about people than origins. We produce products on almost every continent and we are always looking for new connections.
  • Our designers create and inspire themselves around the world in our journeys that have become permanent. We are a gathering of unique people.
  • We are passionate about design, art and poetry. No labels, please.
  • We transpire concepts and products for creative people who seek what’s new and totally out of their comfort zone.
  • We connect people and we live our truth intensely, Absurda plans endlessly.
  • We believe in the impossible, the improbable and we invite you to believe in this vision through our lenses.


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