We know that the web was taken by these images, but we had no way to leave that beautiful moment out of our records.

The desert is dry, hot, inhospitable. Atacama, then, is the most arid in the world. However, however, however, there is a special moment of the earth in which it rains in the sands of the desert. This year, due to El Niño, this desert received an unexpected amount of rain, which covered the desolate landscape with flowers.

The event is not uncommon, but the great amount of rain this year surprised and brought a scenario that was not seen for more than 40 years. A show in shades of pink and purple that will be remembered for a long time.


Photos by MARIO RUIZ via El País

Happiness is only real when it is shared

If I can give advice to anyone who wants to start “falling into the world”, I would say two things: get to know Latin America (yes, break our continent) and get to know Portugal.

Portugal is a welcoming place. Not only for the language – which is unique in the European continent, but also for the warmth and receptivity with which we are received. I spent 15 wonderful days in the country and I can say that I came back in love. With that will to come back soon, you know? Algarve, Lisbon, Azores, Alentejo … the options are diverse and cater for all tastes. The certainty is unique, the nature, the architecture, the people and the history of that country are remarkable.

And it was this set of attractions that led the photographer and instagramer German André Josselin to the Lusitanian terrinhas. The young man made a roadtrip across the country. He started in Faro, went through Lisbon and finished in Porto.

The 12 days of travel were recorded in real time by Instagram and also yielded a movie that exudes wanderlust. And you can feel some of it both in the images and in André’s own words:

Everyone needs a break sometimes. The best way to do this is to stay away from all the problems. Without any concern for the past, present or future. Just hit the road with amazing people, see new things, learn more about me, find peace and do what I love. These records are about that.
Be free and evade the rules and limits that make you feel trapped. Just live. These 12 days that we spent in Portugal were surprisingly peaceful and invigorating. I slept in a tent in the middle of nowhere, I crossed the most beautiful scenery I’ve seen in a long time, I set up a tuktuk (which was a lot of fun, although I thought I’d die at any moment) and watched the most amazing sunset Life … And had beer, lots of beer!


Photos Whudat


Vjsuave was created in 2010 by the new media art duo Ygor Marotta and Ceci Soloaga. Based in São Paulo, they work with a single goal: to communicate love through light.


The double cat’s leap is the audiovisual performances (live) that they make with the “softcycles”, which are these tricycles adapted with computer, projector and battery, that allow to take the projections to the street and to transmit the message people through Drawings, animations and poetry. As specialists in animation, projection and digital graffiti on the move that are, in addition to working on the streets, Vjsuave has already released 4 short films: Trip (2013), La cena (2012), Homeless (2011) and Run (2011). The duo have already been invited to film and music festivals around the world, but they occasionally return to their roots and make projections on their friends’ windows.

Suaveciclo by Vj Suave from vjsuave on Vimeo.

Fonte | Vjsuave

The tag La Piel does not exist for nothing. We definitely love tattoos. Oh really! Exactly why when we come across these 9 gifs, we think: “This is the vibe ABSURD This is the Vibe La Piel, this has to go to the blog!” And yes, we stayed here in the madness to call the favorite tattoo artist and schedule a session to mark the skin. Was that just this way?

Ah, Latin America … absurdly beautiful place and scenery of that charming timelapse.

The documentary Patagonia 8K is a production of the German company Time Storm Films and explores the beautiful and wild landscapes of Argentina and southern Chile. The recordings took place over 6 weeks and recorded frames from more than 7,500 kilometers from Santiago to Punta Arenas. Filmed in 8K resolution – hence its name, the producers capture about 100,000 frames that make up this video.

Anything we say will not be enough to express the beauty contained in Patagonia 8K. We only have one word: WATCH!

PATAGONIA 8K from Martin Heck | Timestorm Films on Vimeo.

When we find material like this we stay like this: with wide smiles, sighs and pride to be from here.

Watching the second episode of the series SENSE8 (if you did not see it, watch it), a scene caught the eye. The characters Nomi and Amanita walked through a place impregnated with street art.

As curiosity has accompanied us from the cradle, we went behind that place and discovered an alley, in the city of San Francisco (California), called the Clarion Alley.

Originally called “Cedar Lane,” the name of the alley was changed, in the turn of the 2000s, to Clarion Alley. The street is notable for the frequent artistic activities – carried out by the community – and for the collective that bears the same name of the place. This collective makes a kind of “management” of what will roll through the walls of the street. That is why, from time to time, you can see new works there.

Check it out!

Uma foto publicada por Wendy (@yipski) em

Uma foto publicada por Nina (@ninouccia) em

If you want to see more about this street art alley, look for the #ClarionAlley hashtag on Instagram.