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Sunset Funeral Miami

Sunday, October 29th, from 2PM to 11PM

Delano Hotel South Beach

1685 Collins Ave

Miami Beach | 33139



Top by Gwen Salakaia, Pants by Mr. Larkin, Earrings by Annelise Michelson | Sweater by Kurt Lyle, Top by Carvoe,                                Sunglasses by ABSURDA.

Sweater by Zadig & Voltaire, Pants by Anna Sui, Belt by Bello Belts ,  Hat by Eugenia Kim. | Dress by NARCISS by Alice Trautmane, Sweater by QUINN, Bag by Eugenia Kim, Stockings by Wolford, Earrings by AGMES.

Top by  s a k u  new york, Tank by Liana Camba, Skirt by Bryon Lars.



Dimanche is a collection of ideas and values that built a friendship and a platform.

see full article here:

Photography by Carly Smith

Co-Art Direction & Co-Styling by Paige Melkerson and Carly Smith

Modeled by Adriane Wasserman

Hair & Makeup by Monica Malynowsky

Assisted by Vittoria Belli

Special thanks to Champion Auto Sport

Runway fashion we can actually afford

While fashion trends may change from season to season, fashion collaborations aren’t going out of style anytime soon. Don’t believe us? Just look at the news of Forever 21 teaming up with PONY, Reebok collaborating with ASOS, and an L.K. Bennett x Preen capsule collection launching, all announced in only the last 24 hours. Just when we think there are no more dynamic individuals left who can pair up, we learn about yet another collaboration we didn’t think we needed but now can’t imagine living without. With New York Fashion Week being an inspiration playground for fashion creatives, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that so many designers partner up during this time on capsule collaborations, ranging from accessories to full fashion lines, that create as much buzz as everything else coming down the runways.

So while New York Fashion Week may have wrapped up, the dust surrounding some of the highlight moments hasn’t settled. Ahead, the eight best fashion collaborations that debuted on the NYFW runways. Bonus: Some of them are even available to shop now.

Nomia x Absurda
For its 10-year anniversary, the ultra-cool NYC-based womenswear label Nomia cast real women off Instagram as models to embody its ethos and brought back staples from the past decade. In addition to the sleek separates and versatile dresses, the collection included a limited-edition collaboration with Absurda, an impossibly cool South American eyewear brand, featuring two of its best-selling sunglasses styles in exclusive new lens colors meant to complement the collection.

Full article here:
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So happy to announce our collaboration with Nomia, developing exclusive eyewear for their SS18 Presentation at New York Fashion Week, on September 6th.

Womenswear line Nomia, based in New York and designed by Brazilian-American Yara Flinn, found their perfect match with our South American soul.

“Nomia is a brand that is influenced by art and architecture, which is exemplified in their product, making this partnership a perfect fit for us. Absurda also has a synchronicity of influences: design, art, and fashion. Between the designer’s Brazilian roots, our common inspiration and an overall unique vision, Nomia seemed to be the perfect opportunity for our first U.S Collaboration.” says Rafael Rodrigues, one of four partners of the Absurda team.

Our two best selling styles in the US were reimagined and recreated with exclusive lens colors, handpicked to compliment Nomia’s SS18 collection by the designer herself, Yara Flinn.

“I was drawn to work with Absurda because I felt a connection to their story and passion they put in their product. In an oversaturated eyewear market, they bring something unique and authentic to the table.  My mother is from Rio de Janeiro and I love seeing more companies from South America breaking into the international market with new product and a strong philosophy.  We’re very excited about this collaboration” says Yara.

Our collaboration will be revealed at Nomia’s SS18 NYFW presentation on September 6th, 2017 at Max Fish in New York City, from 8PM.

Hannah Bronfman is a Native New Yorker creator: DJ, Health and Wellness enthusiast and founder of She established the site in 2014 as a unique online community of people, passionate about health, beauty, fitness, wellness, travel, music and travel, leveraging her skills as a workout enthusiast and beauty expert.

Recently, Forbes mentioned that “As a DJ, Hannah Bronfman has developed a vast following, spinning parties, and events for a decorated list of global brands. Considered amounts the top fitness influencers in the space, Bronfman has built a personal enterprise that merges the two worlds, making her a sought-after symbol for millennials looking to enhance their lifestyles.” Meet Hannah here:

Welcome to the journey, Hannah.

sources: Forbes, Wikipidia,, Instagram

who are you before the eyes of the world?

who are we before your eyes?

i dare to say we are this absurd mix

of inspirations and passions

for the unknown, for the journey,

for fate.

and if we stop to think, life is,


a great transformation movement

and our essence is to be

this constant change

that moves us, that makes us,

and propels us out

of context

away from the comfort zone

And into the confrontation lines

of an imminent battle

between our ideas and our ideals.

and it leads us to explore ways

that break away, that disconnect,

that reinterpret

and that reflect:

freedom is our vision of the world.


what are the mirrors printed

with your face and your experiences

other than you being part

of our identity, our dream

of our art.


what are the different cultures and stories

If not the sum of fragments that

molds us

unites us

completes us.

and proclaims:

we are the unexpected around the world

with each particle determined

to challenge the paradigms.

expand frontiers and

pioneer the real connection

between our essence

and our parallel universes.

we are, after all,

a collective of unique people.

we are ABSURDA.

creators, welcome to our odyssey.



quem é você aos olhos do mundo?

quem somos nós aos seus olhos?

ouso dizer que somos essa mistura absurda

de inspirações e paixões

pelo desconhecido, pela jornada,

pelo destino.

e se pararmos para ver, a vida é,

na verdade,

um grande movimento de transformação

e a nossa essência é ser

essa mudança constante

que nos move, nos faz,

nos joga para fora

do contexto

para longe da zona de conforto

para frente da linha de confronto

de uma batalha iminente

entre nossas ideias e nossos ideais.

e nos leva a explorar caminhos

que rompem, desconectam,


e refletem:

a liberdade é a nossa visão de mundo.


o que são os espelhos estampados

com seu rosto e suas experiências

senão você sendo parte

da nossa identidade, do nosso sonho

da nossa arte


o que são as diferentes culturas e histórias

senão a soma de fragmentos que

nos molda.

nos une.

nos completa.

e diz:

somos o inesperado ao redor do mundo

com cada partícula determinada

a desafiar paradigmas.

avançar fronteiras e

desbravar a real conexão

entre nossa essência

e nossos universos paralelos.

somos, afinal,

um coletivo de pessoas únicas.

somos ABSURDA.

Creators, welcome to our odyssey.



¿Quién sos ante los ojos del mundo?
¿quiénes somos nosotros ante tus ojos?
me atrevo a decir que somos esta mezcla absurda
de inspiraciones y pasiones
por lo desconocido, por el viaje,
por el destino.
Y si nos detenemos a pensar, la vida es, realmente,
un gran movimiento de transformación
y nuestra esencia es ser
este cambio constante
que nos mueve, que nos hace,
y nos impulsa fuera del contexto,
lejos de la zona de confort
y en las líneas de confrontación
de una batalla inminente
entre nuestras ideas y nuestros ideales.
Y nos lleva a explorar maneras
que rompen, desconectan, reinterpretan y reflejan.

La libertad es nuestra visión del mundo.
Qué son los espejos con la impresión
de tu cara y tus experiencias
si no una parte de nuestra identidad,
de nuestro sueño, de nuestro arte.
Cuáles son las diferentes culturas e historias
si no la suma de fragmentos que
nos moldean
nos unen
nos completan.
y proclaman:
somos lo inesperado en todo el mundo
con cada partícula destinada
a desafiar los paradigmas.
ampliar las fronteras y
ser pioneros de la conexión real
entre nuestra esencia
y nuestros universos paralelos.
somos, al final,
un colectivo de personas únicas.
somos ABSURDA.
Creadores: bienvenidos a nuestra odisea.

Miami arrived on the art scene in 2002 when Art Basel, the world’s premier contemporary art fair decided to expand its venue. Miami was then selected as a location that would attract North and Latin American participants. By then, contemporary art found a home, and soon after, so did street art: Wynwood Art District

Once a neighborhood of empty warehouses, Wynwood is now known for its colorful murals. Every weekend, thousands of people flock to the area to enjoy the gallery exhibits, street musicians, and Miami’s famous food trucks.

Pics by Jo Ann Mayer

A bridge can be a simple bridge or a source of colors and shapes. Everything will depend on the eyes of the beholder. Photographer Mon Zamora chose the second option when making those unique clicks from the Williamsburg Bridge in New York. It binds in that composition.

Images by Mon Zamora

Direct from our beloved tierra, a street artist (and architect) who embellishes the walls of the world with flowers: Francisco Diaz, but can call it Pastel.

Diaz has painted murals in Mexico, Portugal, Italy, Australia, Spain and the USA.

Far from conventional architecture, I understand working on the street as an urban acupuncture. Modern cities are filled with “non-places” because of irregular and non-inclusive planning. So these paintings work to rescue the local identity (…)
I try to base my work on experiences. (…) I try to understand the conditions that the environment imposes and not arrive with an already ready concept about that space. Work with symbolism, with arrowheads and flowers. My plays start a dialogue about the nature of the man and his surroundings.



By Pastel


From a very young age the photographer Manuel Pitta, better known as Sejkko, lives flying around the world.

In an eternal air bridge between Venezuela and Portugal, Sejkko began, as a teenager, to search the houses he found along the way. The ones chosen are always those with the vibration of the place where he grew up.

These records have profoundly influenced his work, in which there is a mixture of nostalgia, magical realism, minimalism, and an obsession with geometry and patterns.

Follow the series Lonely Houses.



By | Sejkko

Jumping from one continent to another, the Australian Guido Van Helten was at the end of October in Eastern Europe, where he painted a giant mural on the walls of Kiev, Ukraine.

Faced with the intense cold, the street artist took a few days to create this realistic portrait of a young woman wearing a print jacket typical of that region of the world.

We have one word to define this work: Awesome!


By Street Art News